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Jacksonville Suzuki Violins

Susan Raguse welcomes you to her new violin studio in Avondale. A graduate of the University of Miami, she has trained extensively in the Suzuki Method and taught at noted Suzuki programs in the Chicago area, Northern Michigan, and University of Wisconsin/Steven Point. Students from her 34 years of teaching have received music degrees from Eastman School of Music, University of Michigan, DePaul University, Wheaton College, and other noted universities and colleges. 

suzuki violin concert

What makes the Suzuki Method special? 

suzuki violin concert

More than sixty years ago, noted Japanese violin teacher, Shinichi Suzuki, created a method of teaching that he referred to as the “mother-tongue approach.” He recognized that all children learn to speak their native language by imitating the sounds their parents make when speaking or singing. Ear training for violin is expressed in much the same way.


Suzuki students can begin lessons at a younger age than traditional students. The designated Suzuki parent takes an active role in their child’s lessons, from attending all private lessons to home practice. No experience with music or violin is necessary to help your child with their lessons.

Each student takes small “steps” and learns at their own pace. Just as all students learn to speak the language or “mother tongue” of their parents, they have the ability to learn how to play music by hearing and imitating the sounds. Daily listening to a recording of the song they are learning and review of earlier pieces ensures quick progress.


Learning to play by ear, rather than reading music, allows the focus of the teacher’s and student’s attention to be on the development of good posture, beautiful tone, playing in tune, and listening skills.


Reading music is a separate skill learned by Suzuki students and will be introduced when the teacher determines the student’s readiness.


As students progress, they also attend regular group lessons to learn how to play in unison with other students at their level. Readiness is determined by the teacher; most students do not typically begin until about a year after starting private lessons.


The objective of the Suzuki Method is not to create professional musicians, but to encourage a supportive and happy environment for a child’s music studies. Dr. Suzuki wanted, through music, to “help children develop beautiful hearts. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does a lesson last?

Beginning students have 30 minute lessons. Intermediate and advanced level students have 45 and 60 minute lessons, respectively. *Students who have had lessons prior with another teacher will be scheduled based on their needs and level of playing.
Students also participate in group lessons. They learn to play in unison with other students at their level. Group lessons reinforce the skills each student has learned in their private lessons, provide motivation, and are also social. Readiness is determined by the teacher. 
Girl learning suzuki violin
Violin Student

How much do lessons cost?

When considering the cost of music lessons, it is important to prioritize the education, training, and experience of the private music teacher over the price. Selecting a teacher based on their qualifications ensures that your child will receive superior instruction. 
If you're currently looking for a Suzuki violin teacher for your child, please contact me to schedule a free visit to my music studio. Your child will get to hold a child size violin and bow and discover the sound it makes. It’s a good time to ask questions or mention concerns that you or your child might have.

Where do you teach students?

I offer violin lessons at my private studio, which is located within the preschool wing of Avondale United Methodist Church.
violin student
Boy Playing violin
Violin Shop

Where can I get a violin?

I will need to measure your child for the correct size violin before you order one. Please contact Long Island Violins for violin rentals. It is a professional violin shop, not a music store. They have an excellent rental program and outstanding service. If your child has a problem with their instrument, they will take care of the problem immediately.  


Beware of Violin Shaped Objects:

Although it is very tempting to buy a cheap violin on e-bay or at a garage sale, please do not do it. Chances are the instrument is poorly made and unplayable. It would cost more to make the repairs, if possible, than it would to rent or buy a well made instrument. I am not a luthier, any problematic instruments are your responsibility. 

boy playing violin

Please contact Long Island Violins for ordering your rental violin and supplies. 


Get in Touch

All lessons are held at

Avondale United Methodist Church 


Jacksonville, FL 32205 

Entrance to preschool & violin lessons is around the corner of the church on Herschel St.

Cell: (231) 357-3938 

If you're considering Suzuki violin lessons for your child, please use the contact form to schedule a free visit for the two of you to my music studio. 

Thanks for submitting!

Avondale United Methodist Church
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